5) Teaching Your Kids How To Use the Stove/Oven


Some of our best memories involve getting to help out in the kitchen. Spending quality time with mom was great, and getting to learn how to use certain appliances and tools was so important! While our parents weren’t irresponsible — they waited to do this until we were old enough — they recognized the value of being self-reliant (and sometimes, you even got to lick the beaters). While kids today might still do this, chances are they’re more likely to use the microwave.

6) Letting Your Kids Ride in the Back of the Car


We have so many good memories of riding in the back of the station wagon during a road trip! Come to think of it, riding in a car for kids has changed in many ways. How many of you remember a time when there weren’t always seat belts in the car? We would slide around in the back seat at every sharp turn. Not only that, but who remembers getting to sit on dad’s lap and help steer while he drove?

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