5 Vintage RVs and Motorhomes

Ever wonder what early campers looked like? Check these out...

Camper Truck in 1918.  Here we see a custom-built camper truck perfect for picnics and camping.  As you can see, the builder thought of everything:  there is a pull-out area for cooking, a screened-in living area with rain blinds, and even adequate storage on each side of the camper!  Way to be!


Gospel Car No. 1 in 1920.  This work of art was built by mechanic and preacher William Downer of New Jersey.  It was 22 feet long and slept five, including Downer, his wife, and two of their daughters.  It had a pop-up pulpit and organ - basically a traveling church.  They took their mobile home on a cross-country trek in November 1919.  I bet it sure attracted some attention when it came in to town!


RV Adams Motor Bungalow - 1920.  This was to be the first commercially-available RV, built by inventor Glenn H. Curtiss and billed as a "hotel on wheels".   A June 25, 1921 article in the Trenton Evening Times advertised:  "Make Your Vacation Worth While.  Take One of Our Motor Bungalows Behind Your Car to the Mountains or Seashore...".  This early model started up the industry in the early 20s as other manufacturers released their models, which put the bungalow as part of the car itself.

Custom Thatched Mobile Home in 1926.  W.M. O'Donnell of Detroit built this beautiful creation for his family to use on a trip from Michigan to Florida.  Thankfully they stopped in D.C. to take a few pictures, which remain today!  We sure do wish we could see the rest of their trip!


Ford RV in 1924.  Little is known about this fascinating piece of work other than the photo was taken in 1924 and is a Ford model.  What would your guess be?