20 Magnificent Family Photos from Our Readers

From Linda Raymond:  "1932 photo taken by my Great-Grandfather in Dutch Village, PA. To the right is my Great-Grandmother looking rather sternly at my newlywed Grandmom (21yrs old) and my Grandfather (29) who passed away before my birth. I love how no one is looking at the camera. My mom mom and granddad only had eyes for each other. The car in the background really offsets this treasure of a picture (just recently found by my family) perfectly."


From Jessica Hansen:  "My grandparents. I love how he's holding her in this photo. ❤️"


From Marsha Benya:  "Old Photo of one of the CCC Camps, ( Civil Conservation Corp ) Established in 1933, to give work to young men after the depression. This camp was located in Washington State. They Cleared Land, Built roads and anything to keep them busy. They were paid $30. a month, $25 of which had to be sent home to help their families."