8 Things Parents Did In The 50s & 60s That They Could Never Do Today



Growing up in the ’50s and ’60s allowed us to experience a different world than our children and grand children get to. We were privy to a special time in life, a carefree time of playing in the mud and not having to worry about anything besides penny candy and winning the next game of jacks. Yes, being a child during The Good Old Days was quite different than it is today. Thinking back on our childhood memories, we realized how much different it is for parents these days. When we were young, we had much more freedom, and we made the most of it! Here are some of the things we remember our parents let us do as kids… what else do you remember?

1) Letting Your Kids Play in the Streets Until Dark


Like many of you probably do, we have fond memories of playing with the neighborhood kids in the streets. Whether it was baseball (or stickball), hopscotch, or marbles, we always had a blast; and the only thing we had to worry about was getting home before the streetlights came on!

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